Community Bees – Example trading Income Stream for Community Centres

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You can use our Community Bees business model canvas to create a trading income stream for your community centre. This blog is all about helping community venues make money through trading. We will share a community business model with you, and then show how it can be improved. Many community centres have a ‘point of […]

How to get grant funding

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This blog post will show you how to get funding. After five years of advising community groups I distilled my advice into a set of rules and top tips. Top funding principle: The best way to explain how funding works is to say that you are selling a set of outcomes to a funder. There […]

In the beginning …

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In the beginning humankind dispersed from Africa. Nomadic groups of humans set off to search for better lands. This search is imprinted on our memory. Psychologists, with not much better to do, have found that when people from different countries and backgrounds rate pictures in order of their attractiveness, the winning picture is always an […]