Our Services


Business Consultancy

Use our engine to kick start your trading income.

We work ‘for you’ and ‘with you’ to produce new products as a joint venture.  We do this at our own risk and get paid from the trading income and any grants we win to test the feasibility of the venture.

Grant Writing

Apply for funding to move your trading forward.

We know how to produce grant applications that score points with panels.  We will make sure that you have shown proof and passion for your project’s need, impact, reach and quality.

Graphic Facilitation

Make meetings fun with a visual record that keeps everyone connected to the conversation.

We create a visual record of your meetings, visioning sessions, and plans.  Graphicing means that everything spoken about is drawn; as people watch the drawing they connect it to the conversation; this means that nobody gets bored, points are never forgotten, and you have an instant record of where you have got to in a glance.

Market Research

Speak to your customers to see what they want to buy and if they want to buy from you.

We have over 7 years market research experience including: quant; qual; small to large scale;  syndicated to adhoc;  ethnographic and observational methods; fieldwork, data processing, analysis and report writing.

We like to use qualitative research to provide insight and market intelligence for your strategic planning.

Social Responsibility

Connect with your community – your customers and staff will love you for it!!

We work with companies to help them reach out to communities in their area.  We know how to use corporate resources and volunteering for maximum impact for local people.  Loads of your staff will be involved in doing good already.  Why not harness it to show what your company cares about?

There’s a lot involved with internet marketing and we offer a full-spectrum of services.