Keeping the engine revving

Mar. 162017


For the last year the three Directors have been keeping the Socent Engine revving along:

  • June has been busy supporting groups through The Race Equality Centre in Leicester, and has helped Rocket Meals with their governance and first funding application.
  • Dan has worked on promotional videos for CASE and jerry, whilst building his new venture Colab.
  • Tobias has harnessed the disruptive power of NEETs to produce new business models for Cooke E Learning, launched, and developed a new social enterprise brand to fund charities that support victims of domestic violence.

Its now 2017...

We are starting to reach out to more local community organisations to see how we can help.  You may have been sitting on a business idea for a long time without moving it forward.  Let's get together to see if our engine can power your community group forward.