Our Vision is to lead and partner with organisations to ignite and grow community trading ventures

Community Enterprise Engine was formed in 2014 by June Gomes and Tobias Gould.  They found that while many community organisations knew that they needed to generate income from trading, most wouldn’t and couldn’t move their trading ideas forward.  That’s why the Engine wanted to move on from giving advice to creating trading opportunities.


The Team


The biggest member of our team is you.  We harness your members and stakeholders to make your enterprise happen.  We also use your outcomes to win support from local businesses and to bring in capacity and expertise.


June Gomes

June has 13 years of experience working in the voluntary sector in delivery, infrastructure and management roles.  Her experience, skills and knowledge focus around organisational development and funding.  She has a successful track record in helping community organisation to develop, grow and become financially sustainable. June has a BA (hons) in Financial Management Accounting.



Tobias Gould

Tobias has experience of many sectors including: brand planning; market research; social enterprise; education and the NHS.  He has over 6 years of community development experience.  He loves facilitating business planning with large scale graphicing.  He is particularly fond of harnessing community knowledge to create new value propositions.  He uses ‘business model generation’ and coaching techniques to open up new products and possibilities.  He is well known to think outside the box, and collaborates with lots of other community and business agencies to deliver solid businesses.

Tobias is a SFEDI accredited business advisor and  has post graduate certificates in market research, innovation and education.