We get you trading by auditing: your skills; interests and hobbies; and knowledge of the community to brainstorm trading possibilities.  If you give us access to your venue, staff, trustees, stakeholders and beneficiaries we will do the rest.  After three business idea generation sessions we will have produced a large range of business models to take forward into prototyping and testing.

Your market intelligence> Business model generation>prototyping>testing>investment

We will work with local colleges and universities to turn your business models into prototypes.  We will then hit the streets and web to find out if people want to buy these products.  We use this market development work to refine the products and collect the data to convince investors to get involved.  We can come up with something wonderful.

“We can’t afford consultant’s fees”

The Engine get paid by the trading income we generate.  If we are working on a joint venture with you, then we work at our own risk.  We will have agreements with you that the Engine is paid at key milestones such as: when investment is pulled in; or when income is generated.

Sometimes it will be possible to get grants for feasibility studies or to take your beneficiaries through a journey to become entrepreneurs.

Our main aim is to make the trading happen.